Eye Design – Eyelash Extensions

To be more acquainted with eyelash extensions

November 2011

Eye Design was established in an approximately 30m2 room in a condominium in Ebisu.

The name of the company comes from ‘designing the eyes of beautiful and glowing women’ through eyelash extensions.

At the time where the company was founded, there were many stores that did not operate in compliance with the Cosmetology Law and customers had no idea which store to patronize. Eye Design, who was a small unknown salon at the time of its establishment, held on to its aspiration of ‘gaining the trust of customers even if it’s just one of us’, and came to decorate the walls of its store with beautician licenses. The few licenses at that time has grown into dozens; the number of beds in Ebisu store increased from 3 to 10; branches are established in Roppongi, Ginza, Omotesando、Ikebukuro Marui, Shinjuku and Singapore.

With the growth of the salon, we had a realization. That is ‘eyelash extension’ is a special experience for many customers.

“This is my first eyelash extension”

“Taking care of the extensions seems tough…although my friends have done it, I don’t really…”

“I’m afraid of allergic reaction since it concerns the eyes”

“There are cases of unlawful business practices…don’t really have a good impression of it”

“Seems expensive to visit the store every month…”

“I heard that I will lose my own eyelashes”

So far, we’ve had many first-time customers. Before visiting the store, these customers had different impressions of eyelash extensions. Most of them were not positive. Nevertheless, when they see acquaintances who have had eyelash extensions applied, many became interested and were willing to take up the challenge.

“Design beautiful and sparkling eyes for ladies”

Although the company is established based on this aspiration, we will not be able to create beautiful and sparkling eyes for customers if we do not spread the understanding of eyelash extensions.Eye Design’s founding philosophy gradually evolved into ‘letting more people know about this innovative cosmetology’. And, the new brand message is changing from point of views such as‘Be more acquainted with eyelash extensions’ or ‘Eyelash extensions seem to be in trend recently’ to a culture where one‘can’t imagine not having eyelash extensions!’

Eye Design is certain that there is great potential in eyelash extensions. That is why the salon aims to become one that establishes this industry’s new standards and delivers ‘better service to even more people’.