About the salon’s application procedure

[ Extensive experience from more than 50 thousand procedures performed annually ]

Each store has more than 1,000 customers per month. With more than 12,000 procedures performed per store annually, the total number of procedures performed in all 5 stores is more than 50,000. By sharing through a computerized medical records system, the presence of inflammation or accidents caused by the eyelash extension procedure can be supervised so as to provide safer advanced techniques. By collecting data of more than ten thousands of procedures, it is possible to provide designs that suit every individual customer.


From entering the store to paying, it takes about60~90 minutes. ※First time customers should add approx. 30 minutes to the above timing.(Required time: approx.90~120 minutes)

STEP1 Booking an appointment

Eye Design ご予約

This salononly accepts appointment.If you do not make an appointment beforehand, we might not be able to serve you. Please make an appointment through the phone or our online booking system.

STEP2 Initial counseling

Eye Design カウンセリング

After checking the customer’s hair quality/eye shape/ facial structure/angle and habits, the eyelash designer in charge will listen to customer’s design request. She will then suggest a design that that fits closely to thecustomer’s ideal design.

STEP3 Cleaning

Eye Design クリーニング

First, we will separate the upper and lower lashes and place a guard on the lower eyelashes and eyelid. Then,cleaning of the eyelasheswill take pace(to remove oil and dirt adhered to the lashes).

STEP4 Application of eyelash extensions

Eye Design まつげエクステの装着

Suitable extensionsthat fit closely to the customer’s ideal design will be selected. From a distance of 1.5mm away from the lash roots, each extension will be carefully glued to each natural lash.

STEP5 Finishing touch

Eye Design 仕上げ

Lastly, compressed air will be used to blow-dry the eyelash extensions. The exclusive airbrush will increase drying speed, thusincreasing the speed and accuracy of the applicationas compared to drying naturally. The durability of the extensions will increase andthe design can last for a longer time.

STEP6 Aftercare instructions

Eye Design アフターケアのご説明

Lastly, the staff will make sure that the customer is satisfied with the final product. If there is something you are not satisfied with, please tell us. We can give you a touch up on the spot.(Depends on availability)After confirmation, we will give anexplanation on aftercare instructions.Ways toincrease the durability of eyelash extensionsand matters concerning the nexttouch-up sessionwill also be covered. ※Space to retouch your makeup is provided.

STEP7 Paying

Eye Design お会計

For customers who have the coupon, please show it to the staff. As touch-up within 4 weeks is eligible for use of discount service, after the application procedure, you can use the discount price when you book your next appointment.