Beauty salon registration

Eye Design operates as a beauty salon which is in full compliance with the Cosmetologists Act, adheres to the standards specified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and passed the inspection conducted by Shibuya Health Center.

[ Beauty salon license(Eye Design Ebius) ]

Eye Design 美容所登録証 恵比寿店

[ Beauty salon license(Eye Design Roppongi) ]

Eye Design 美容所登録証 六本木店

[ Beauty salon license(Eye Design Ginza) ]

Eye Design 美容所登録証 銀座店

[ Beauty salon license(Eye Design Omotesando) ]

Eye Design 美容所登録証 表参道店

[ Beauty salon license(Eye Design Ikebukuro Marui) ]

Eye Design 美容所登録証 池袋マルイ店

[ What is a beauty salon? ]

Beauty salon is an establishment in which cosmetology is performed on the general public for compensation, alternatively, a building that is regulated by the Cosmetology Law. Although most people generally associate it with beauty parlor, according to Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Cosmetology Law, ‘Cosmetology includes work such as permanent waving, hairdressing and makeup performed for the beautification of appearance’, normally understood as beautification of areas above and including the neck. As eyelash extension is a ‘cosmetic technique for areas above the neck’, practice in a beauty salon without staff who has obtained the beautician license is strictly prohibited. If each beauty salon (each store) does not have at least 1 management beautician in place, there cannot be 2 or more beauticians. For more information, please refer to thorough prevention of eyelash extension risks.

As many cases of trouble related to eyelash extensions (such as keratitis and swelling of the eyelid) were reported at National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issued a statement ‘The practice of eyelash extension procedure is a cosmetology that is regulated by the Cosmetology Law’ across the states and regions. In other words, ‘Only licensed beauticians shall practice eyelash extension applications’. For more information, please refer to Alert about eyelash extension applications by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

In the above link, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issued an alert that ‘As the practice of eyelash extension application is a cosmetology, to practice for compensation, a license should be obtained. If you suspect that someone without a license is practicing, please alert the nearest health center or regional health division’. Eye Design operates as a licensed beauty salon in accordance with the laws and regulations above, places management beauticians in every store and only hires licensed eyelash artists.