Aim to become No. 1 salon in Japan!

01. Grow alongside the company!

5 years after its establishment, Eye Design has opened more than 10 stores in Ebisu, Roppongi, Ginza, Omotesando Ao, Ikebukuro Marui, Singapore (2 branches), Shinjuku, Yokohama and Omiya. The number of staff has grown from 2 to 60. There are staff who became the store manager after a year. Materials such as extensions and glue are also developed in-house. The company also developed its original brand of cosmetics for eyelash extensions. Would you like to grow alongside the company?

02. No routine work!
Inexperienced beginners may debut after 3 weeks!

We will support you in your aim to become the fastest eyelash artist to debut in Japan! Through our original training system, trainees can attend to customers after 3~4 weeks. We have the know-how to attracting customers with models, everything you need to know can be learned during operating hours.

03. Substantial employee benefits

Equipped with social insurance (Welfare pension/health insurance/employment insurance /workers’ compensation insurance). Entitled to parental leave and maternity leave. Possible to take annual paid leave. Not required to work on days off. Overtime optional. Staff can choose a work style that suits them best. Aims to create an environment where women can work long-term, make full use of the beautician license and acquire skills.

Eyelash artists wanted


Eye Design リクルート

This is a professional eyelash extension salon made up of only licensed beauticians. Amongst the calls for the industry’s consolidation, we are hiring eyelash artists who are prepared to lead the eyelash industry as professional eyelash artists. As reassurance and satisfaction of customers are our top priority, we look forward to applicants who strive to improve their skills.

[ Resume ]

< Education >

Beauty college graduate

< Qualification >

Beautician license

< Work experience >

Applicants with experiences preferred, fresh graduates,
recent graduates with work experience, no experience

< Schools of current employees >

Yamano College of Aesthetics/Yamano Beauty College/Tokyo Beauty Art College/Yokohama Beauty Art College/Tokyo Mode Gakuen/Nippon Beauty Academy/Tokyo Academy of Hairdressing & Beauty/Tokyo Bunkyo Gakuen/Kokusai Hairdressing & Beauty Art Vocational College/Kokusai Bunka Technical College of Hairdesign/Waseda Beauty College/Paris Beauty College/Shiseido Beauty Academy/Kose Beauty Academy/Belle époque College of Beauty/Marie Louise
and others(Not in any particular order)

< Age >

As we hope to build a long-term career plan for the young,

We are looking to hire those between the ages of 20~30.
Hiring those between the ages of 30~35 with more than 3 years of experience.

< Gender >

As this is a salon for female customers, we only hire female staff.

[ Job requirement ]

< Job specifications >

Eyelash extension application/Overall salon duties

Apply eyelash extensions on customers who book an appointment. Firstly, hold an initial counseling session, followed by the application procedure which takes about 1~2 hours. As an eyelash professional who serves female customers, please provide the customer with her ideal design.

< Working hours >

A. 11:00~20:00/B. 13:00~22:00

(Actual working hours: 9 hr/Break: 1 hr)

< Salary >

[ Staff ]

General staff/Monthly salary:180,000yen~(Base salary + allowances + bonus)

Store manager candidate/Monthly salary:250,000yen~(Base salary + allowances + bonus)

[ Part-time ]

Hourly pay/1,000~1,500yen

< Benefits >

Transportation expenses/pay raise system/commission/3 bonuses per year/overtime allowance/five-day workweek/annual paid leave/social insurance/employment regulation (such as maternity leave, parental leave, family events) winter vacation

Application method

If you have any questions, please contact us via phone or the following form. Date of interview/hire date is negotiable. If you are sending your resume through post, please send to the following address.

〒150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 1-9-2 Ohata building 4F Eye Design (Ltd.) /Addressed to recruitment officer

< Selection Process >

We will contact you regarding the date of interview shortly after the screening of application documents.
[ Screening of application documents ]→[ interview ]→[ Hire ]

[ About salon tour ]

Salon tour takes place anytime. For more details, please contact the office.

[ Apply:03-6416-9341 ]
※The office is open on weekdays and Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:00. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Please leave us a message on the answering machine if the person-in-charge is unavailable. We will contact you shortly after. Alternatively, you can apply via email at

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Features of this salon

After 5 years since its establishment, Eye Design has opened stores in Ebisu, Roppongi, Ginza, Omotesando Ao, Singapore (2 branches), Ikebukuro Marui, Yokohama and Omiya. The number of staff has grown from 2 to 60 since its establishment. As there are plans to open new stores, inexperienced but talented employees may also aim for the position of store manager or deputy manager. We look forward to applicants who wish to make full use of their beautician license and develop excellent skills and customer service as an eyelash artist.

[ Apply without worries ]

Eye Design Co. Ltd. provides contract of employment and after joining the company, material costs and the purchase of equipment are unnecessary. In addition, there will be no training fees or breach of contract penalties. Since its establishment in November 2011, there have been 0 cases of ‘involuntary retirement’. It is a workplace with long employment tenure and high retention rate. Technical training and practicing on models should take place during working hours. You do not have to go to work before operating hours or stay behind after operating hours. *You may choose to practice after working hours. An environment where one who aims to debut as soon as possible can work hard in.

As Eye Design has the know-how to recruiting models, you do not have to hunt for models through friends or acquaintances. *You can also call your friends, but we recommend using the general models available in Eye Design. There will be no routine work in Eye Design. In order to debut as soon as possible, senior staff will give their full support. By practicing during working hours where one’s stamina is the highest, with no routine work and large number of models, early debut is possible.

Inquiries about jobs and employment


For any inquiries about Eye Design’s jobs and employment, simply fill in the required information in the below and send the form. We will reply you after verifying the inquiry.




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