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For first-time customers

Q. How long does the extensions last?

A. The period varies according to the condition of each customer's eyelashes, but it is normally around 3 weeks~1 month.

【About individual variation】

If your natural lash is dry or damaged, the glue (adhesive) will not stick easily. Also, if your natural lash is short and thin, the adhesion surface will decrease, resulting in decreased durability. You should choose extensions with a length 1.2~1.5 times that of your natural lash.

【About hair growth cycle】

The eyelash is different from the hair as the length of your lashes is determined. If they 'drop immediately after applying the extensions', you do not have to worry as it is caused by your hair growth cycle.

Q. As this is my first time, how many lashes should I go with?

A. Most first-timers choose '80~100 lashes' for both eyes as a start. During the application procedure, customers can check in the mirror. Please consult with our staff during initial counseling.

Q. I’m thinking of choosing the natural course (100 lashes) but I’m afraid that it might look unnatural.

A. You do not have to worry as we will keep in mind the balance of the entire eye during the procedure. You can seek assistance from the staff at any times, even during the application procedure.

Q. I’m worried because my friend’s extensions look unnatural.

A. We will carry out the application according to each customer's preferences and type. We will not provide anything that looks unnatural. Please do not worry as we will make it natural by mixing in short lashes.

Q. How long is the procedure?

A. *As initial counseling is required for first-timers, please add 30 minutes to the time specified below.

[Upper lash] Natural course:1hour/Volume course:1.5 hours

[Lower lash] Lower lash course:30minutes

Q. Can I apply extensions to my lower lashes?

A. The application is similar to the upper lashes. Your upper and lower lashes will look more balanced if you apply extensions on your lower lashes, creating a natural gorgeous look. You do not have to open your eyes during the application procedure.

Q. I have drooping eyelashes. Is it possible to apply extensions?

A. Yes, it is possible. However, as the extensions follow the direction of your own lashes, you will have a drooping curl. If you are not comfortable with that, we have extensions that have strong curls applied. Please consult us.

Q. Can I apply extensions if I permed my lashes?

A. Yes, you can. However, it is recommended to wait until the perm wears off. It takes 3~6 months for the perm to completely wear off. If you apply extensions on permed lashes, the adhesive surface will decrease and the extensions may fall off easily.

Q. My lashes are thin and scattered. Is it possible to apply extensions?

A. Yes. However, the durability of the extensions is short. Please consult us during initial counseling.

Q. If I usually use the mascara, how many lashes should I apply so that I no longer have to use the mascara?

A. If you apply more than 120 lashes to both eyes (volume course), the volume will increase tremendously. The thickness of the extensions can be adjusted.

About the safety of eyelash extensions

Q. Is it okay if my skin is fragile?

A. As the extensions are applied at a distance of 1~1.5 mm away from the skin, it will not cause any problem for most customers. However, the condition varies for different skin conditions. Please consult our staff through the phone or at the salon.

Q. I had an itch in the past after applying extensions. Is it okay to do it again?

A. If you had an itch or felt any discomfort after applying extensions at other stores, please consult us. The technical standards and requirements are not yet unified in the industry, so different practitioners have different level of skilled abilities. Our salons only provide customers with refined techniques. Until your symptoms disappear, we might suggest that you refrain from applying extensions. First of all, please consult us.

Q. Is there any aftercare after the application?

A. The salon is responsible for attending to its customers. Should symptoms such as discomfort or itch appear, please contact us immediately. In addition to removing the extension with an exclusive remover, we will also instruct you on future care methods.

Q. Does it hurt during the application procedure?

A. Please be assured that it does not hurt. Since your eyes will be fully closed throughout the application and an exclusive airbrush will be used to completely dry the adhesive, the glue will not leak into your eye.

Q. My eyes look bloodshot the day after applying extensions…

A. Although an exclusive glue (adhesive) is used during the application of the extensions, there might be rare cases where one develops a reaction to the volatile components. That may cause your eye to become bloodshot, but there is nothing wrong with your eye itself.

Q. What is the extension made of ?

It is made of a synthetic fiber also known as PBT. It is a natural hair that is slightly thicker than the real lash.

Q. After application, does it hurt my lashes?

If you do not pull it forcefully, it will not hurt your lashes or cause them to fall out.

Q. Is the glue (adhesive) safe to be used on the eyes?

As your eyes will be fully closed during the application, the glue will not leak into your eyes. Please do not worry as the staff is professionally trained.

Other questions

Q. What should I do if I want to remove the extensions?

For extensions applied at our store, you can remove it for free. For extensions applied at other stores, you have to pay 1,500 yen for removal.

Q. Can I use mascara on the extensions?

You can do so, but we do not recommend it. When you wash your face, the friction will cause the extensions to fall out easily. If you use an exclusive mascara that can be washed off easily by water, the burden on your extensions will be smaller as compared to that of a normal mascara. Mascara exclusively developed for eyelash extensions is available in our salon. Please make use of it.

Q. What facial wash should I use?

As the designated glue is weak against oil, please avoid using oil or cream-based cleansers. Non-oil gel-type cleansers are recommended. Some oil-based cleansers can be used, depending on the manufacturer. Please avoid coming into contact with your lashes and gently pat your face when you wash your face.

Q. Why do the extensions on the right side fall out?

According to each individual's daily habits, single or both sides may fall off easily. For example, if you lean towards your right when you sleep, the right extensions may fall off easily. As friction with the pillow causes them to fall off easily, please sleep facing up. In addition, if you have the habit of rubbing one of your eyes, the extensions will fall off easily too. As the lash extensions are greatly affected by your daily habits, please consult us.

Questions about eyelash extensions


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