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Eye Design has more than 50,000 customers annually. By using nurtured technical skills and the abundance of application data, we have developed cosmetic products necessary for the care of eyelash extensions. Cosmetics created from the profession based on the opinions of salon technicians and customers.

Proposed by Eye Design

Eyelash Extensions Eternal Experience

For everlasting eyelash extensions



White Cleansing


Expect gentle and moisturizing effects on your skin

Gel cleanser that does not affect the glue used on your lash extensions. It does not affect the durability of the extensions, dissolves quickly and removes makeup. Those who put on heavy makeup can use this too and double cleansing is not necessary.

*Although this product is made compatible with Eye Design’s glue, it works well with normal glue too.

Eye Design White Cleansing < Makeup remover >

150ml/3,000yen(excluding tax)Made in Japan

[ Method ]

Take an appropriate amount (2 dispenser pushes) in your palm and spread into your hands. Gently smooth over the entire face in a circular motion to spread into the makeup. After spreading across the makeup, wash your face with water or warm water. While lash extensions are resistant to pull, they are not resistant to pressure or side force, so please take note.




Achieve a little more volume

Please use it when you want your lash extensions to look fuller and thicker. You can also achieve a glamorous look even if your extensions require maintenance. As it is a water-soluble film mascara, you can wash it off easily with warm water. Sweat and sebum will not result in strong panda eyes. Maintain the upward curl of your extensions and keep your eyes beautiful throughout the day.

Eye Design Mascara < eyelash cosmetic >

8g/3,000yen(excluding tax)Made in Japan

[ Method ]

Hold the brush parallel to your lashes and start applying from the middle of the lash extension towards the tip. If you apply on the roots of your lashes, there might be leftover mascara even after cleansing, so please take note. Friction may damage your extensions, so please do not rub your extensions strongly with the brush.




Keep your eyes natural

Fixing the direction of the extensions and giving it a gloss will accentuate your eyelashes. If you apply all the way to the tip, it will give you cluster lashes, similar to fake eyelashes. As the coating does not turn hard after applying, it is gentle on your lashes and prevents broken lashes. (For treatment and protection) Protects lash extensions from makeup, sebum, sweat and dust to enhance durability. Can also be used as mascara base.

Eye Design Coating < eyelash cosmetic >

8g/3,000yen(excluding tax)Made in Japan

[ Method ]

Lift the root of your lashes with the brush and apply completely. Friction may damage your extensions, so please do not rub your extensions strongly with the brush.
You can keep out dust and particles if you use it before applying makeup.




For long-lasting eyelash extensions

Apply essence to effectively care for your lashes that have been damaged by the extensions. High concentrations of growth factors (FGF/KGF/IGF) formulated with the aim of not only ‘providing nourishment’ to lashes, but also to ‘make them grow’. This is a must-have item that allows you to enjoy long-lasting eyelash extensions by applying extensions on healthy natural lashes.

Eye Design Essence < Eyelash serum >

6g/4,000yen(excluding tax)Made in Japan

[ Method ]

Please apply it on your lashes 2 times per day (after washing your face in the morning/night). Although hair growth cycle varies from person to person, a typical cycle is 60~90 days. Using the tip of the brush, gently brush along the base of the upper and lower lash line, starting from outer corners and working your way toward the inner corners.

The cosmetics can be purchased at any Eye Design store.

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