Original materials and techniques

アイデザイン 自社開発原料

Eye Design’s commitment to quality

From developing materials to operating the salon, the company listens to opinions of customers and eyelash artists in order to develop better materials and application procedures. By collecting electronic medical record data of more than 50,000 procedures annually, the company can provide safer, lasting and comfortable eyelash extensions techniques.

Proposed by Eye Design

Eyelash Extensions Eternal Experience

For everlasting eyelash extensions




アイデザイン グルー

Uses raw materials made in Japan

Main component:Ethyl cyanoacrylate

Eye Design’s glue is lasting and quick-drying. With no irregularities in the product, it also has excellent stability. We have developed a better glue by listening to the opinions of every staff member. We will ask for the customer’s skin type and constitution. After initial counseling, we will proceed on to the application procedure.


Gel remover

アイデザイン リムーバー

Remover that does not burden the lashes


Eye Design’s non-acetone gel remover is able to remove eyelash extensions gently and thoroughly.


Lash extensions

アイデザイン アイラッシュ

Maintain sophisticated curls

Material:PBT(Polybutylene terephthalate)

We use the finest eyelash extensions made individually just like natural lashes. A natural material that resembles the soft quality of natural lashes, it also keeps the curls long-lasting and beautiful. Please try Eye Design’s original colored mink extensions too.



アイデザイン ツイーザー

Specially selected black tweezers

Stainless steel

A specially selected black tweezer that is created by incorporating the suggestions of Eye Design eyelash artists and technicians. The layer of black anti-static coating helps prevent the build-up of static electricity which can cause the lash extensions to cling together.