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Eyelash Academy

Acquire technical skills and knowledge
Practical school ‘Eyelash Academy by Eye Design’

Eyelash Academy by Eye Design was created with the slogan spread the joy of applying lash extensions on many people. After memorizing the general lash extension techniques, we will teach you Eye Design’s original application technique. A school that strives to nurture more lash extension practitioners for the further development of the industry. Currently, out of the 60 staff, 90% of them were inexperienced when they entered the company. By offering practical salon hands-on lessons in a classroom style, students can master lash extension techniques within the shortest period of time. Through lash extension, the academy’s students can open up new possibilities with the help of instructors who guide each student wholeheartedly.

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In Eyelash Academy, you can attend lessons with school models. It is not a problem if you do not have friends who are willing to be your model! Arrangement for models is free!

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For those who do not have any practice space at home, the beds are released for practicing. There are also students who have practiced on more than 200 people before graduating.

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Students generally attend lessons in small classes anytime between 9:00 to 18:00.

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After graduation, not only can you seek advice, but also attend skill-based or theory-based lessons as many times as you want.

Eye Design Momo Nishikori

Eyelash Academy representative instructor

Momo Nishikori

Tokyo Salon & Education PTE.LTD Manager / Eye Design Co. Ltd.,trainer

Japan Lash Association Certified Instructor / JLA Singapore branch, Branch leader/JLA Kanto・Hokuriku region, Former deputy leader

JLA BST Hygiene management officer director / JEEC(Japan Eyelash Extension Contest)Judge

NEEC(Nihon Eyelash Extension Contest)Judge / Japan Eyelash Certificate Authority, Safety technologist

[ Brief history of lecturer ]

Born in Shimane Prefecture. Graduated from Nippon Beauty Academy. Acquired a beautician license.

Supported the establishment of the Japan Lash Association and took part in the popularization of eyelash extension as the youngest lecturer. After that, founded Nico Planning Co., Ltd. and took on the role of Director. Launched the salon business as well as the school. In 2014, took part in the launch of Eye Design Singapore as well as the Association’s Singapore branch, to the present day.

Inquiries about Eyelash Academy

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Japan Lash Association Affiliation

Manages the Japan Lash Association Singapore branch. The store meets the health and safety management standards set by the Association. In cooperation with the Association, we aim to spread the proper knowledge and skills of eyelash extensions and raise the status and standards of the industry.



Eyelash extension contest

The company actively participates in contests and conventions hosted by many different organizations. By further improvement the awareness of our staff and deepening the cooperation with participating companies, we strive to improve the safety and technical capabilities of the eyelash extension industry.